Ceremonial First Pitch
San Diego Padres 2008
Tomsfeet Productions
May 27, 2008
Man throws out ceremonial first
pitch – with his feet!

SAN DIEGO, May 27, 2008 – Tom Willis threw out the ceremonial first pitch prior to tonight’s San Diego Padres home game – with his feet.

Willis is disabled – he was born without arms or hands.  So he learned to use his legs and feet instead to do everything in his life including
writing, driving, and now pitching.

Willis took the mound and tossed the first pitch with his foot prior to the Padres vs. Washington Nationals game.  Although his pitch was a bit
outside and in the dirt, Willis said he was more than pleased with his effort.

“Wow!  What a great feeling,” Willis said.

“Every little boy who ever picks up a baseball dreams of some day playing on a professional team in a professional stadium.  As a child I
shared that same dream.”

“My disability, however, made that dream impossible.  But throwing out the first pitch tonight was the next best thing,” he added.

Willis is a motivational speaker who meets with students of all ages – from pre-school through professionals – and talks about his unique life
and how he manages to conquer the obstacles and challenges he meets every day.

He also teaches his audience that, if you really want something, you can always find a way to achieve it – including baseball.

Willis is a Washington, DC, native who grew up rooting for the Washington Senators.  He moved to San Diego in 2000 and is now a hometown
Padres fan.

For more information about Willis or his company, Tomsfeet Productions, visit his website at www.tomsfeet.com or call (619) 723-4015

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