Major League Baseball   National Tour
Meet Tom Willis
Tom was born without arms – so he uses feet to do everything
in his life including writing, driving, and even pitching.
Tom took his disability and turned it into an opportunity.
During the Pitch for Awareness National Tour Tom will attempt to set a world record and throw out a
first pitch at all 30 MLB    stadiums across the country to help raise awareness of the ABILITIES of
persons with disabilities.
To date his pitches at 10 stadiums received rave reviews from fans in the
stands and extensive local and national media coverage
This is an opportunity for your company to gain exposure and awareness
through a unique marketing and positive feel-good avenue.
As a sponsor of the Pitch for Awareness National Tour you will receive:
•  Visual exposure through clothing worn to throw out the first pitch and during travel and interviews.

•  Prominent display and /or use of your product or services when possible.

•  Name and logo recognition on all materials promoting appearances by Tom Willis at MLB Stadiums throughout the country.

•  Awareness on media releases promoting Tom Willis’ appearances as he travels the country.  

•  Name recognition in all media related interviews that Tom Willis conducts when possible.

•  The ability for Tom Willis to make mutually agreed upon media interviews and / or appearances on your behalf.

•  Name recognition and visual exposure at motivational speaking engagements when possible.

•  Signage at motivational speaking engagements and other personal appearances when possible.

•  Presence on Tom Willis’ websites (Pitchforawareness.com and Tomsfeet.com) with prominent links to your website – or other applicable websites.

•  Other promotional opportunities when possible.
Sponsorship investment = $1,500 per city / stadium
Contact: Tomsfeet Productions – San Diego, CA – (619) 723-4015 – tom@tomsfeet.com – www.pitchforawareness.com
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