Pitch for Awareness
2010 National Tour
Atlanta Braves - June 24, 2010
Tuesday, July 13, 2010 - Home in San Diego, CA

After seven airports, seven airplanes, and five MLB games* in 14 days, the first road trip for the PFA tour has
come to an end.  And with the exception of the misunderstanding in Boston, it was a great success.  

Two of my three pitches were strikes, my picture appeared in the Tampa Tribune (left), and my pitch was
covered on television in both Miami and Milwaukee.

Next up -- the Atlanta Braves.

My original schedule called for me to travel to Atlanta for their game against the Milwaukee Brewers this
Thursday, July 15, where I would serve as the team's honorary captain.  In this capacity I would accompany the
Braves’ coach with the team’s line-up card to home plate before the game.

I thought there was no ceremonial first pitch before Atlanta games.  But after talking with folks at the Braves, I
found out there was indeed a first pitch.  But for some reason I was scheduled as honorary team captain

Rather than appear in this capacity, I decided to pass on this opportunity in the hopes of being invited back –
hopefully to throw out a pitch at a game next season.

Since I was unable to schedule another pitch opportunity around this date, it required that I take a “yoyo" trip –
that is out and back – to Atlanta.  I won’t lie and say that the exorbitant airfare for this solo trip was a factor in my

Plus – I attended games at Turner Field (home of the Braves) in the past... and I hope I will get there again some
other time.

So I'm off to St. Louis next week.

* The Washington Nationals were unable to schedule a first pitch opportunity for me this season.  Since I would
be in town visiting family, they invited me to come out to Nationals Park as their guest and see the July 1 game
(final score: Nats - 2, NY Mets - 1).
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