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2012 National Tour
August 16, 2012
Greetings all!  Good news and bad news to report from the Pitch for Awareness camp.
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First the good news – I will throw my final pitch of the season next Monday, August 20, at Safeco Field in Seattle before a Mainers
home game (against the Cleveland Indians).

Seattle will be #17 on my list of the 30 MLB stadiums. (see list below)

Sadly I only pitched at three stadiums this summer – Nationals, Cubs, and Mariners. Here’s hoping next season is more productive.
Now the bad news – My segment on ESPN’S “E:60” was bumped until next season/year.  That means it won’t air (if at all?) until
spring or possibly fall 2013.  

ESPN sunk a lot of money into this story sending video crews with me last year to Phoenix (Diamondbacks), Houston (Astros), and
Cincinnati (Reds – 2 days).  They also sent a crew to cover my presentations at an elementary school here in San Diego.  In May
2012 they hired a local video crew and flew in a producer and reporter to Washington where I pitched before a Nationals game.

They passed on sending a crew to Chicago for my pitch at Wrigley last month and won’t send a crew to Seattle next week.

I was first contacted by ESPN’s “E:60” producer in July 2011.  As the summer wore on they decided to bump my story to next year
(2012) and air it during spring training. That was great timing for me as it would air at the same time I approached teams about pitch
invitations this season.  

Next ESPN shook things up and re-scheduled “E:60” and bumped the show’s broadcast from spring to fall this year.  Now the fall
schedule is fully booked and my segment was bumped to next year – whether in the spring or the fall.

Despite everything, the original producer claims they are, “…still 100% committed to your story.”

So once again the story is placed on the back burner.

Alas - that’s show business!
FYI – During high school I wanted to play soccer but my back could not stand the rigors of the constant running required. So
instead I became the manager of the varsity soccer team. The 1975 team (my junior year) went 25-1 and won both the conference
championship and the city tournament.  I reference this accomplishment whenever I speak today and focus on my life’s
experiences turning challenges into championships.

I just found out that, 37 years later, our team from that season will be inducted into our school’s Sports Hall of Fame.   The
induction ceremony is on September 22 at my alma mater – Archbishop Carroll High School – in Washington, DC.  Hopefully I can
attend this event.

I was also pleased to be inducted into my school’s Mask & Buskin Society’s (performing arts) Hall of Fame last year.  It’s nice to be
recognized, albeit a few decades later.
Again, many thanks for your continued support of the PFA tour!