Pitch for Awareness
2010 National Tour
September 9, 2010
The story...

Last week, Kevin (of Kevin and Bean) posted uninformed comments on his radio station blog site.

His post was titled:
F**k you "Guy with no arms!"

You can read his post here   or   here

Let me point out -- I respect Kevin’s right to his opinion – whether I agree with him or not.

But I strongly disagree with his “message to kids”
Tom to appear on radio morning show in Los Angeles
KROQ – 106.7 FM
Wednesday, September 15, 2010
6:35 a.m.
Kevin’s blog excerpt:

“Here’s my message to kids: If you’re born without arms, you might be able to try
and throw the first pitch at a baseball field, but you won’t make it to the plate, either.
You know why? No arms”
Through my experience with my Pitch for Awareness tour, I proved Kevin wrong.  

A person without arms CAN throw a ball and make it to the plate.  

Of the 9 ceremonial pitches I’ve thrown to date:
- 3 were strikes across the plate
- 3 crossed the plate after one hop (none more than 2 feet in front of the plate)
- 2 were outside - through the batter's box - but never passed the catcher.
I wrote a letter to the show’s producer – read here – to point out my disappointment with Kevin’s blog entry.

The producer wrote back –
read here  – and I was asked “would you be interested in coming on our show (via phone or in-studio)
and receiving an apology directly from kevin? honestly, no funny business.”

I responded to Alex that “I neither expect nor deserve an apology from Kevin.  He has every right to speak his mind.  What I would
like is the opportunity to prove him wrong.” –  
read here   

Since Kevin and I are both first pitch veterans
(he’s thrown 2 at Dodgers Stadium - see videos  below) I suggested we have a pitching

So I will be in the studio with Kevin next Wednesday when I,
“…will be given the opportunity to present it 'formally' on the air to
kevin and the show to then discuss
(my idea) and have some fun with it.  we will set-up the segment with the blog post and email
backstory; then you can come on and present your solution!
You can listen live (Wednesday, September 15,
at 6:35 a.m. Pacific  (9:35 a.m. Eastern)
at www.kroq.radio.com and click on “Listen Live!”
I will try and find a link to the station where you
can listen to the interview after the fact.  
And I’ll let you know if Kevin takes me up on my offer!
Watch Kevin first attempt to
throw out tghe cremonial first
pitch before a Los Angeles
Dodgers home game.
Kevin was not the only first pitch honoree during his second attempt.  Five wounded warriors who each lost a leg in combat
on the field wearing prosthetic legs each threw a first pitch.  Here's what Kevin had to say:

Starts at video 1:49

Bean: We still have to throw the pitch but there’s a late breaking development.  Kevin, we are going up for your hilarious
knuckle ball comedy after the soldiers – the veterans with no legs.  We got a bunch of guys out there with prosthetics right
now, introducing them on the field.  The crowds gonna be all weepy and you and I are gonna go out there and yuck it up.

Kevin:  Those guys are freakin’ heroes.  Listen to the applause.

Bean: I know.

Kevin:  How’s a guy with one leg throwing out a pitch?  And it’s gonna be better than mine.  (counting on his fingers) This guy
fought for our country, got injured, is gonna throw a first pitch
(laughs), and it’s gonna be better than mine.

Moments later...

Kevin:  Literally, I’m not joking, the guy with one leg just threw a perfect strike… and he’a a hero.
Kevin's second attempt
with Bean as his catcher
Be sure to check out Kevin's
attempts at a first pitch below
...and listen to his praise for
wounded amputee warriors
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