Pitch for Awareness
2010 National Tour
September 1, 2010
Comprehensive Media List - Part 1
A Google search for "Tom Willis first pitch" found a vast array of media that carried the PFA story
or linked to an existing story (mostly NBC Cincinnati and AOL News).  Here are some of the results...
National news / sports sites
AOLnews.com  click here
Huffington Post  click here
Major League Baseball – MLB.com  click here
MSNBC – Today (print story)  click here
MSNBC – Video  click here
Sports Illustrated  click here
KTVI - FOX Channel 2 - News in the Morning  click here
KSDK - NBC Channel 5  click here
Saint Louis
KSWB - Fox Channel 5   click here
San Diego
WLWT - NBC Channel 5  click here
WLWT - NBC Channel 5 (pre-game)  click here
Detroit Tigers – MLB site (Scroll down to August 10, 2010)  click here
Detroit Tigers – MLB.com  click here
WOIO - CBS Channel 19 - Action News  click here
WKYC - NBC Channel 3  click here
Cleveland Examiner  click here
MSG – Madison Square Garden  click here
Gladys Ewell  click here
MEFEEDIA – NBC Sports  click here
GAWKK (Video share sight)  click here
Dwyer and Michael’s 2dorks.com  click here
Deadspin  click here
Busted Coverage  click here  (Warning: strong language)
ATT Mobile News  click here
Other Stories and/or links
WLWT - NBC Channel 5 - Action News  click here
Twitter post  click here  (Warning: strong language)
TV Realist  click here
Tonic  click here
Toledo - WNWO - NBC Channel 24  click here
Sunrise Hawaii News Now  click here
Staple News  click here
Neato-rama  click here
Video Wired  click here
WittySparks.com (Technology, design, and life tips)  click here
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