Pitch for Awareness
2010 National Tour
August 14, 2010
A quick update…

I know how far behind I am with my blog.  But I do promise to go back and recap my adventures in baseball.  For now this
is what I’m up to now.

Last Monday (Aug 9) I flew to Detroit where I threw out the first pitch (sadly it bounced once) before a Detroit Tigers game
at Comerica Park.  I just posted the game photos on the tour blog today.

Note – I forgot to bring along the USB connector cable for my camera so I was unable to transfer my Detroit photos to my
laptop.  I found a store in the Cincinnati airport where they sold electronic accessories.  So I bought a card reader and am
back in business again.

On Wednesday I spent 7 hours on an Amtrak train from Detroit to Chicago.  I thought I’d use that time to update my blog,
but I soon found that the movement of the train made typing nearly impossible.

I spent the next two nights with Madonna (my wife’s cousin) and her husband David.  Madonna took the day off on
Thursday – which happened to be her birthday – and took me for a tour of Chicago.  I’d never been there before – other
than a flight connection or two at O’Hare Airport.

On Friday (the 13th) I hopped a flight to Cincinnati and  I’ve been locked in my room since last evening working on
photos.  Tonight I’m off to a Cincinnati Reds game – and I will throw out the first pitch before tomorrow’s game (Sunday).

On Monday I head home and don’t have another pitch scheduled until September 30 in Texas.

So keep an eye out for further blog posts to recap the last couple of weeks of the Tour.
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