Pitch for Awareness
2010 National Tour
August 6, 2010
Tom,                                            July 29, 2010 - via Faceook

I was so touched by the e-mail Bill sent you. He is living
proof that the message you are trying to get across is
making a difference to people. You can't ask for more
success than that! Who knows how many others who
have seen you and talked to you, or who have seen
various videos will take your message and pass it
along.  Your Tour has planted many seeds, and from
them knowledge will grow.  What a legacy!
Hi Tom,                                                July 28, 2010 - via e-mail

It was very nice meeting you at yesterday's game.  It
really was a life changing experience for me to have been
in your presence last night.  It is extremely inspiring to
see that you have adapted to living with a disability and
enjoy life to the fullest.  I am very proud of you for raising
awareness for people with disabilities.

My sister was born with a learning disability known as
William"s syndrome.  Unfortunately, It affects her life
Below my photos of my pitch at the Cleveland Indians game I posted a note I received from Bill, the young man who sat
behind me during the game
(below left).  The next day I received a note from Jodi, a dear friend and former colleague
(below right).  Together these notes let me know that my efforts must be paying off.  Thanks for the feedback.
Tom and Bill at Cleveland
greatly since it's a result of missing genetic
material.  She has health problems associated
with it that disable her from many activities.
As a family though, we have helped Suzanne
adapt.  I really like your quote on your card

("When life doesn't go your way you need to
adapt and move forward with what you have.")

and can apply it directly to my sister's situation.  
I will tell my sister about you and that should
inspire her greatly.

It was truly an honor to be with you last night.  
Keep spreading the message!

Best Wishes,
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