Pitch for Awareness
2010 National Tour
August 4, 2010
The #1 thing on my "to do" list after my return from my latest road trip was to take my SUV to get a smog test.  At the test
station they have a book out on a table and customers are invited/encouraged to write something in it.  I added:

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."  
- John Wooden, former UCLA basketball coach

I also added my own quote - "When life doesn't go your way, you need to adapt and move forward with what you have."

Here are a few that were already in the book that resonate with the PFA Tour.  I plan to add them to my collection of
quotations on my company's website:  

"Never give up.  Go over it.  Go under.  Go around or go through.  But never give up." - Unknown

"Thomas Edison invented the light bulb even though he failed 1,000 times.  He never gave up.  Failures are stepping
stones for success."
- Unknown

"With every encounter - make it your aim that people are better off having been in your presence." - Unknown

"The real side of the person is their inner being.  You can't believe in others if you can't believe in yourself." - Unknown
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