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2010 National Tour
August 3, 2010

I apologize that I am now two weeks behind in my blog postings.  I was out of town for 13 of the past 14 days… and will
be gone again starting next Monday for another week.  But don’t worry… I haven’t forgotten you.  At the end of each day I
grab a note pad and write down daily tidbits that will fuel future blog postings.

In my last entry I told you of my airline troubles in Minneapolis.  A friend with close ties to the airlines reminded me that
the local airport folk have no control over decisions made by the airline, and should not be the focal point of travelers’
rage.  I agree 100 percent!   When your boss makes a poor decision, you should not have to suffer the consequences.  

On my return from Pittsburgh yesterday, the inbound plane (coming from Atlanta) was nearly one hour late arriving.  
Why?  Because President Obama was in Atlanta and one runway at the Atlanta airport was closed just for use by Air
Force One.  Try to blame that one on the gate agent!  

So the next time you’re travelling, make sure you say “thank you” to the front line folk who can’t control the weather or
fix mechanical problems, and who will likely bear the brunt for other unforeseen circumstances.

I will try my best to get caught up on previous blog postings.  But I am headed to Detroit and Cincinnati next week so
there’s much work to be done.

Thanks again for your support of the PFA Tour.  Please drop me a note sometime and let me know what you think of the
Tour and the blog.  
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