Tom is a  motivational speaker
and is available to meet with your group!
living lifefrom such a unique perspective.
So he uses his legs and feet instead of arms and
hands to do almost everything in his life -
And he has learned to tackle the many challenges
he faces each and every day.
Tom leads a unique life.
- including writing, dressing, cooking, and
even driving an automobile specially equipped
with foot steering controls.

From his early childhood marred

with illness and surgeries,

body casts and braces,

traction and prosthetics...
the White House...
working with Congress, the Cabinet, and
with the Federal government in Washington, DC,
video producer and communications specialist
Through more than two decades employed as a
Through nearly a decade working in
television production with musicians
and Broadway and Hollywood stars...
Through his extensive travels
across the U.S. from Hawaii
to Alaska, to Puerto Rico...
Tom is living an extraordinary life.
of the many challenges he's faced
He shares his unique insights and experiences
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Tom Willis
was born without arms.
Through his years of extraordinary academic achievement
earning both his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees...
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