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Stroke survivor and all-star
Aidan McNulty
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Hall of Fame
Part 1
Tomsfeet Citation -- For his strength and courage in the face of life-threatening illness; for his positive attitude and determination to survive; for his fortitude and bravery to engage the
healing process; for his perseverance and patience through many months of rehabilitation and recovery; and for the fact that he NEVER GAVE UP, Tomsfeet hereby inducts Aidan McNulty
as a member of theTomsfeet Hall of Fame - Member #008 Inducted October 22, 2011
5th grade classroom presentation
Joaquin Miller Elementary School
Oakland, CA -June 3, 2011
Aidan's Summer 2011
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My son, Aidan, had a stroke on  November 6, 2010.  He
was 10 years old at the time.  He was a completely
healthy, athletic kid before that day.  

He was rushed to Children's Hospital in Oakland (CHO)
then later in evening moved to the University of California
San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF).  Unfortunately,
Aidan suffered a second stroke the next day that caused
brain damage resulting in paralysis of the left side of his

He spent about two weeks at UCSF in pediatric intensive
care and almost two months at Children's Hospital in
Oakland (CHO).  He is now recovering at home.

It was a big stroke and he was paralyzed on the left side
of his body.  He is now walking (with a limp), running
(better than he walks) and starting to regain movement in
his left hand.  We pray that his recovery continues.

His attitude has been phenomenal, until recently. He is
tired of therapy and says he doesn't care if he gets any
better.  We try to explain that he only has a limited amount
of time to recover while his brain can make new
connections to give him control of the left side of his body.

I hope he can regain that determination and desire to
continue his therapies and work hard to get better.  
Please let me know if you have any advice.  Also, please
let me know if you have any plans on coming to the
Oakland area, a talk with you might be just what he needs.
In April 2011 I received this e-mail message from
Adam McNulty.  He was referred to me / my website
by a former college buddy who lives here in San Diego
and knows me through the Build A Miracle program.
The McNulty family set up a blog
at Caring Bridge to help keep
family and friends updated on
Aidan's progress.  
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Aidan McNulty introduced me at
the Wolverine Pride Assembly
Thanks to a group of Adam's college friends, I was able to
travel to Oakland and meet with Aidan.

I arrived on a Friday and met with Aidan's class at Joaquin
Miller Elementary School.  I then spent time with the McNulty
family that evening and we all went to a San Francisco
Giants game the next day.

Aidan is a brave young man who put up a tremendous battle
to regain his health.  Yet he still faces a bumpy road ahead.  
But with his determination, coupled with the love and
support of his family, I have no doubt that his entire ordeal
will be just another childhood memory in his bright future.
Wolverine Pride Assembly
Joaquin Miller Elementary School
Oakland, CA - June 3, 2011
Part 2
YouTube Video
YouTube Video
Part 2
Part 3
Part 1
Recently I saw a YouTube video of Aidan's adventures this
summer. During family vacations he rode a mountain bike
and conquered a rock-climbing wall; went swimming in
pools, lakes, and even in the Pacific Ocean; and played
basketball and flag football. He started a new middle school
this year  and his grades are fantastic.
In short, Aidan is back!
And I'm proud to have been a small part of his recovery.  And
feel lucky to call him my friend.
Teaching Aidan to color using
his feet