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Tomsfeet Citation -- For her tenacity and courage to defeat her illness; for her dedication and devotion to provide a support system to help others survive this arduous journey; for
her compassion to the needs of cancer patients and survivors; and for her many years of volunteer service on the Board of Directors for the Breast Cancer Awareness Society of
the Cumberland Valley (West Virginia and Maryland); Tomsfeet hereby inducts Suzanne Bucci as a member of the Tomsfeet Hall of Fame - Member #007  Inducted June 28, 2009
Breast cancer survivor and champion
Suzanne Bucci
Summer 2003
Along with her Tomsfeet Certificate,
Suzanne was presented with a pair of
Breast Cancer Awareness
gardening gloves.
In 2003, our dear friend Suzanne
was diagnosed with breast cancer.
She had surgery followed by radi-
ation treatments and chemotherapy.
After a long, drawn out battle she
finally won and was proclaimed
cancer free.
That's not where her story ends - but
where it begins.
Since her own battle, Suzanne has been an active member in the Breast Cancer Awareness
community and works with other women who are now going through the rigorous battle.
She helps organize events and fund raisers for patients
and their families so that, at least for one day, they can
take their minds off this most difficult ordeal.
And she serves as a volunteer on the Board of Directors
for her local Breast Cancer Awareness Society.
She volunteers as an angel -- sending cards and calling patients to offer encouragement.
Summer 2009
And I believe she is an amazing and incredible
person for her strength, her determination, and
her on-going concern for other patients.
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