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Elise Brown
taught drivers education at Sharpe Health School in Washington, D.C.  
was a mechanic who specialized in automobile modifications for disabled drivers.  
Ron Staats
On August 4, 2007, I celebrated the 30th anniversary of getting my driver's license.  Since then I logged over
500,000 miles behind the wheel, to date. None of this would be possible were it not for two very special people.
In 1977, there weren't many people who drove with their feet.  Using her extensive network of resources, Elise found an inventor in
Houston, Texas, who designed and manufactured a foot steering system.  After the necessary equipment was installed in my car
she gave me personal driving lessons and even took me to the DMV to take my driving test.  Without her expertise and support, I
wouldn't have my driver's license today!  
Tomsfeet Citation -- For her dedication and devotion to help countless persons with disabilities acquire automobiles with
necessary adaptive equipment to allow them to drive; for her expertise and patience teaching student drivers behind the wheel; and
for helping them to achieve greater mobility, confidence, and independence.
Like a Picaso with a socket wrench, Ron was an artist.  He took ordinary vehicles and adapted them for a variety of special needs - whether with foot steering, hand
controls, or any other challenge that arose.  He transferred my foot steering system into two new cars.  And he also came up with creative solutions to adapt turn
signals, windshield wipers, and even the horn for use with my feet.  Ron was my "Number One Go-To Guy" for foot steering.
Tomsfeet Citation -- For his technical expertise and creativity that enabled countless persons with disabilities to drive a vehicle; for helping them to achieve greater
mobility and independence; and for his personal warmth, compassion, and understanding throughout this arduous task.
Sadly, Ron passed away in December 2006.  Yet his legacy lives on in the countless drivers who relied on him to keep them moving down the road.
from left: Elise, mom, Tom, and Ron
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