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Julianne North
Chris North
Adolfo Noguez
Co-founders, Build A Miracle
Adolfo Noguez, Chris & Julianne North
Build A Miracle is a non-profit organization that builds homes for needy families living in Tijuana, Mexico.
Since their start in 1999, Build A Miracle and its volunteers have built new homes for 43 families.
In addition, Build A Miracle provides scholarships to nearly 100 of the children of these families.
Julianne and Chris North coordinate the group's efforts in-between work, running their home,
caring for their four children, and participation in their various other volunteer activities.
Adolfo Noguez serves as liaison with the Build A Miracle families and their communities, and with
the local government agencies in Tijuana.  Meanwhile he also keeps tabs on his teenage son.
Together, this trio keeps the Build A Miracle resources flowing, the hammers
swinging, and continues to improve life for families in Mexico one home at a time.
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Hall of Fame