How do you...
How do you drive a rental car?
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Foot steering is unavailable in rental cars.  So I had to find another way of driving.  
With a little work and a lot of imagination, I came up with a way that allows me to
operate a car equipped with hand controls.
Hand controls are special equipment installed
in a vehicle that allow a person to drive using
only his/her hands - no feet required.
The main component is a hand-operated
lever located next to the steering wheel that
controls both the gas and brake pedals.
The driver steers with one hand and operates
the hand control (gas and brake pedal) with
the other.
I designed and built a special seating system for
my use – a small box that acts like a booster seat.  
I place the box on the driver’s seat and
secure it with a ratchet strap & the car’s seat belt.  
I then sit on the box, which elevates my feet
to the same level as the dashboard.
In this position, I am able to turn the steering wheel
with my left foot, and operate the hand control
(gas and brake pedals) with my right foot.

And I wear my seatbelt whenever I drive the car!

Tom Willis          Tomsfeet Productions          E-mail --          Phone -- (619) 723-4015
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