Tom's Fleet
1977 Ford Maverick
Tom earned his driver's license in August 1977.
2008 Mazda 3
1992 Nissan Pathfinder
The Pathfinder's
odometer topped
200,000 miles in
Spring 2008
The second foot steering system was transferred from
the Cutlas Cierra  to a new Nissan Pathfinder in 1998.  
The Pathfinder is still on the road and has logged over
202,000 miles to date.
2009 Fleet
Since that time he has logged more than 500,000
miles in five different vehicles.
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In 1984 the system was transferred to a new
Oldsmobile Firenza that ran for 150,000 miles.
Tom logged more than 50,000 miles on the Cutlass
before he traded it in.
His original foot steering system was custom built and
installed in a new 1977 Ford Maverick by David Cope,
a mechanic in Houston, TX.  Tom logged nearly
100,000 miles in the Maverick before he traded it in.
In 1988 Tom purchased a used Odsmobile Cutlas
Sierra that came equipped with a second foot steering
system -- originally built in 1995 by Cameron Enns, a
mechanic in Fresno, CA.
In July 2000, just before moving to California, the foot
steering system was removed and put in storage, and
the Firenza was donated to the local fire department
In 2008 his original system was removed from
storage and installed into a new Mazda 3.  The Mazda
runs smooth and has over 17,000 miles on the
odometer to date.
1995 Oldsmobile Cutlas Cierra
Tom's also logged thousands of miles in rental cars.  
He sits on a booster seat that allows him to steer with
his left foot and operate a hand control (special lever
for the gas and brake pedals) with his right foot.
Elise Brown - Tom's driver education teacher
Tom's mom
Ron Staats - the mechanic who installed and
maintained foot steering systems
1984 Oldsmobile Firenza
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Tom drives a vehicle that is specially
equipped with a foot steering system.
The main component of this system is a separate
steering wheel mounted on the floor.  
The gas and brake pedals remain in the normal location.
To drive, he steers with his left foot and operates the
gas and brake pedals with his right foot
Tom's pit crew!
Rental car with hand control
The folks who made it possible!
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