No Hands - No Arms - No Problem
When you get the call
for your shot at the big league...
Will you be ready to take your game
to the next level?
Will you be ready to play ball?
Tom was born without arms.
So he uses his legs and feet instead
of arms and hands to do almost
everything in his life including writing,
dressing, and even driving a car.
Tom worked from the White House to
Hollywood and amazed his peers with
his professionalism, strong work
ethic, and "can do" attitude.
Meet your presenter - Tom Willis
If given the opportunity to throw out
the ceremonial first pitch before a
baseball game...
Would you play it safe and throw from
the infield grass?
Or would you take the chance and
step up to the mound?
How can you prepare to take a
courageous step forward when
opportunity knocks?
Setting priorities
And make the impossible
Obstacles into Opportunities
Tom Willis
Challenges into Championships
Tom meets with people
who want to turn...
Pitch for Awareness
National Tour
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During this program, Tom talks about his career and his life...
and how he faced the life-changing decisions.
And he'll share his four P blueprint for success in life
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Impossible = I aM POSSIBLE